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Ramon and Janie McGee started double Latte Books in 2007. Janie McGee is an artist and author. Ramon is a senior editor and writer. Janie and Ramon have co-authored 20 books together.  DLB’s self-published books are focused on getting positive images, Christian insights, and Bible based information with answers to everyday questions. Janie has also co-authored a book with other writers called “Prayers from the Heart” through Honor Books Publishing. She also wrote Vacation Bible School (VBS) material and short stories for Cook Communications Ministries. McGee has written with her husband Ramon for several small press newspapers across the U.S.A. She also wrote book reviews for the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). McGee has self-published a collection of spoken word, essays, and articles comprised of years of writing and creating.

Ramon and Janie’s work reflects their love for humanity, God and life. Janie loves telling stories through the combination of fine art, music, and writing. For the past 38 years, Janie McGee has created volumes of art telling the story of Black history in America in Fine Art.

Janie’s studio See Jane Dream studio produces fine art, décor, design, books, folk art, and art from the soul. Janie is a graduate of Ohio Dominican College from her native city of Columbus, Ohio During her distinguished 38-year career as an artist she has created a massive body of work that is on permanent display throughout the U.S.A. Ramon is a graduate from Princeton University. He is Senior Technical Writer. Ramon wrote human-interest stories, interviews, and articles for freelance newspapers. Over the years, they have co-authored many books. Ramon’s love for science and knowledge allow him the insight to add vibrant facts about the Bible and world issues to their books.


The McGee’s have two children who are testimonies within themselves. Their son Jamile McGee and daughter Jasmine McGee are both gifted in the arts. Jamile was 3rd place winner of Fox TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance?" Season 1. He has traveled the world dancing. Jamile also choreographed, danced, and performed in Las Vegas on tour with Wayne Brady. He teaches workshops and master classes along with his choreography.

Jasmine is a college graduate with a B.A. degree. She is a professional blogger artist, graphic designer, writer, columnist, and filmmaker. She self-published her first book last year – “Think Soul 25”.

Ramon edits and writes with Janie in their studio. They have self-published 14 titles. She is working on several children’s books for this year. You can find her artwork and prints at or


“We have had to keep it real in order to survive as a family and get through hard times. I have 38 years of creating volumes of art and writings. This is my season to make known the work of God in my life. We hope to serve others with our gifts. We know there are many people who’ve been through some trying times because they don't walk like “normal" Christians in the eyes of the church. Creative people are always outside the box. I am blessed to have my husband and best friend Ramon who is an editor. He is merciful and faithful in making sure I produce books and articles that you can read without struggles. We want God to be exalted in all we do. I hope the art; books and material you come across in the future will draw you to Jesus and heal your life. May God get all the Glory!

Ramon amd Janie McGee



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Double Latte Books Titles

The Hunger Years Series Fiction:

How I Got Over

The Tent and the Crossroad 


Battle Ground Series Fiction:

3AM: Why Am I Up?

3 AM: Who Is In My House?

Men Praying at 3 AM

Waking Up to Pray at 3 AM



Prayers for Black Women

Prayers for Black Men

Prayers for Native American Men

Prayers for Native American Women

Black Women Urban Field Guide for Prayer

Black Man’s Urban Field Guide for Prayer

Prayers for Single Black Moms

The Sunflower Dance for the Morning Blues

Some Mornings I Wake Up As Strong As Coffee

Lord, I Go To Church, but I Cannot Find a Man

The Preaching Tree


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