We self published books for the thristy soul

Double Latte Books. We self publish books and journals for the black Christian  community and those seeking God . Our pray books , non fiction books, fiction, poetry, and art books  are created to encourage and inspire  .a walk with God. Our books can be found on amazon. If you are a books store looking for unit volume email us at doublelattebooksrj@outlook.com We try to write books that are straight from the heart, soul, and spirit. We try to keep it as real as possible. many years ago we saw a need for books that spoke to the need of those



We still believe



We have walked with God for many years helping others know  Christ Jesus. You will find in our books the Christian basic for the church ed and unchurched Christian or person seeking God!

Writing from the Heart

The mainstream Christian books store do not allows carry books that are made for those community. The  Christian publishing companies do not always carry books that reflect  the need of diversity.  We write books that anyone can read with an open mind to learn. Our faith in Jesus Christ  in the center of all we do. We are not a Christian publisher... we are Christians that publish books and art.  We write: Christian Prayer books, dating, marriage, self help, art books, journal, novels, Christian supernatural novels, inspirations, encouragement,  illustrations, and more! All our books are on Kindle for .99 download.


More to come

Because we self publish our books we are able to explore many titles and topics not normally looked at. We a writing new books and working in children books also. Email us if  you have any question or need more info about our books.

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